About Us

The Manoj Tandon & Company is a boutique consulting company based out of Delhi-NCR in India having clients in United States, Europe, United Kingdom and India. We advise, consult and then implement solutions for small and medium enterprises and startups. Our expertise includes amongst others Information Technology, E-Business, Telecom and E-Governance. TMTC is led by experienced consultants who have worked in leading Information Technology and consulting companies globally. Our approach is characterized by:
Active Involvement

Our consultants are actively involved with our clients. We don’t believe in just doing studies and giving reports. We work with you and your people and make things happen.

Flexible Engagement

Every problem is unique, and therefore our approach to solving it is tailored to that problem. Our approach can range from running your teams to training your employees to individual coaching and personal advice.

Growth Catalysts

We are the catalysts of growth for your organization. Growth is not just about increasing sales. For successful and sustainable growth to happen, it needs sales, delivery, hr & process driven execution to go hand in hand. Our experience and expertise of building and running mid-sized organizations comes in useful to our client.

Data Driven Insight

At TMTC, we believe that superior insight comes from using data and experience together and that insight leads to creating competitive advantage. Truly collaborative relationships : We work together with you and your team to deliver the right outcomes. We make a long term commitment to your organization.