Can we become better business leaders of our small companies by leading through example

Like most of us (I am assuming this), I sometimes wonder that can I make a difference in the society that we live in… there something special about all the BIG people who have a direct impact on the society… I too small a fry to make a difference…


I got the answer through a happenstance. Thought will share with you.


There is a small (almost insignificant) traffic light close to my house. Nobody (including myself) ever bothers to look at the color of its eyes…


One Sunday, while I was going somewhere, my mind was busy contemplating on serious topics like Modi, Rahul, Arvind etc.


When I reached THE traffic light, I noticed that the light was red and since my mind was too busy thinking about the esoteric topic, I just braked and stopped the car….


after sometime I realized that some more cars had stopped around me….


Not bothering much, as the light turned green, I drove away….


For some reason the happening stayed with me…


Next day (the light falls on my regular office way), I again stopped at the same light (it was red again), again cars stopped around me…. I was amused and surprised at the same time.


I started doing that regularly and also told my driver to do this.


Guess what people started repeating their behavior (at least whenever my car stopped at the red light…)…


One day, I was walking past that traffic light and I noticed that some other car people had picked up that habit and looking at them stopped others had started following the traffic signal light.


It’s been many many months, my office route has changed but even now whenever I happen to go past that light I notice that people have started taking that light seriously.


Can we make a difference, can we apply this lesson in others walks of life.


I wonder? Do you?


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